I enjoy partnering with business owners in the SME sector to help them achieve their Business Vision.

Together we answer two key questions: “Why are you in this business?” and “What does success look like?

No two businesses are the same.

There is no template that you ‘plug in’ to a ‘Small to Medium sized Enterprise’ to create the perfect business, whether it be tidying up the back yard or growing the business to achieve the owner or owners expectations…..they are all different.

To work successfully as a Business Partner, I need to know that the relationship I have with the business owner(s) is honest and transparent and that we can openly discuss (within boundaries of agreed confidentiality) the current state of well-being of the business and what we need to do to achieve their goals.

My Partner Program is ‘a program we establish between us to assist the success of your business’.

I bring to our partnership my business management experience, financial acumen, strategic thinking, my network of contacts, and energy.

Each week we meet to summarize our progress and measure your investment in my services against the increases in revenue and reductions in costs we have achieved to show a Return on Investment for our partnership.

A Program with Jon Brough, Business Partner, is an investment, not an additional cost to the business.

Our partnership MUST be able to produce a realistic return for the owner(s) from their investment.

If we stop producing measurable benefits for the business…… we stop the program.